by Scotty Ledford, P.A. 08/09/2018

Scotty is very knowledgeable, personable and goes above and beyond. His character is honest, friendly, and ethical.

Neale Brindley



Scotty Ledford is a fantastic Realtor. I work with him on the closing end of his transactions and he is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and knowledge of the marketplace is superb!!!! I would recommend Scotty to anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate in the Sarasota / Manatee area!!!


Jeanne Hayden



Donald Russell and Ralph Moore feel lucky to have found Scotty Ledford as our realtor in transition from San Diego to Sarasota. Don and I journey started in June when both of us decided it was time to look for a house before our lease on our bay front condo was coming to a close in October. The experience that we shared at looking for properties in San Diego pushed us to look at Florida instead. The first time we connected with Scotty in July was a great experience because Scotty listen to what we both were seeking in a permanent home in Florida.

There were about 4 other realtors we started with when we arrived but the only one that paid attention to our criteria was Scotty. It is a pleasure doing business with such a positive and professional realtor such as Scotty. Scotty proved to us on homes that he showed us the upmost above average service that does not get displayed often in the market today.

If you are looking for a true professional that knows the housing market and quality of workmanship on properties, Scotty Ledford is your best contact in the Florida. Scotty knows all areas of Florida and looks for a place that suits each individual's needs. One of the selling points in moving back to Florida on a permanent basis is having met Scotty Ledford on our journey.

Scotty also stands alone in providing top quality service going beyond the minimal expectations. Scotty treats his clients like family members which gives the top level of trust to where Scotty has earned our business from here and beyond on any property search in Florida. When Don and I found Scotty, we found the main reason in settling here in Florida by being lucky to find an honest, hardworking, knowledgeable and friendly professional.

The statement that comes to mind when we first saw it on Scotty's business cards is Scotty sells Sarasota is so accurate. Not only does Scotty sells the right properties to meet individual needs from all areas but also sells the reason to live in Sarasota. It is Don's and my honor to speak on his behalf with undying respect and gratitude for finding not just a house but a home for us. Don't settle for less, go for the best, Scotty Ledford!!

Ralph Moore 



After visiting friends in Sarasota I returned home to NJ and decided to re-locate. I reached out to Scotty for assistance. He provided constant contact and realistic information. When I returned he had arranged multiple days of viewing prospective homes based on my needs. I returned to NJ with a contract on a new home, he guided me through the process. The entire process in less than two months and over a thousand miles away. I've now been in my new home a month today, a reality that couldn't have happened without his attention, knowledge and assistance.

Richard Bush


I knew Scott was a realtor. I liked his professionalism and the way he handled people. Scott did a wonderful job guiding me through the purchase of a condo that was not at all a typical transaction. Scott explained throughly each phase of the process, and communicated often throughout the transaction via email and phone. He also referred me to a great insurance guy who saved me money on condo insurance. I'm now also thinking of using this same referral to help shop for auto insurance. Scott was pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Reggie Birks



When I was going to sell my house after living in it 44 years, I asked around the neighborhood for the name of a realtor. Several people suggested Scotty and I found that he lived on the street in back of me.

When we talked I found him to be direct, knowledgeable and full of helpful suggestions. He was always professional. He kept me informed and was always easy to get in touch with. He knew who to contact for anything needed. I felt like I had a real partner in the whole process. I can't imagine anyone better!

Betty Kuhns


When my husband and I decided to sell our house, we picked Scottie because he was, by far, the best prepared real estate agent we interviewed. It was the best decision we could have made.

He not only had terrific ideas for sprucing up the house, he suggested practical ways to do so. He held repeated open houses, and when we moved out of state, Scottie kept a close eye on our property. His personal involvement was critical to the success of the sale.

I can't remember when I had a better experience - thanks to Scottie. KC Cobb

Katherine Cobb


Scotty was an exceptional help to my family as we dealt with selling Dad's house! He explained each step of the listing and selling process and with his advice on staging we had an offer 3 days after listing. Unfortunately, the buyer could not complete the process and 2 days after letting the buyer out of the contract, we had another contract/buyer that has followed the contract through to the end. Scotty follows through and communicates with you each step of the way. He is truly a Realtor who can get the job done!

Betty Henderson


Have worked in the legal field for over 25 years and met Scott in our office. When I needed help selling our townhouse, I called him for assistance . Scott is professional, detailed, organized and very proficient in his field. I have been totally satisfied with his performance with handling our transition and found him to be very thorough and efficient. I would recommend Scott to my family and friends as the number 1 realtor in Florida.

Diane Such


Scott is an extremely professional, knowledgable and genuine realtor. He goes the extra mile for his clients.

Chrissy Krupinsky


Scotty is a long time friend. Scotty helped a close friend find a suitable home to buy and renovate. He got a very good sales price for my friend and was veryprofessional and
Caring. I'd recommend him anytime.

Michael Radell


Scotty has never listed a home for me personally, but I hear from friends and neighbors that he is hard working, honest, thorough, capable and competent. I would have no hesitation about listing my home with him and recommend him to others.

Edie Kaplan


Hard to find a harder working guy than Scotty ... Relocated to Sarasota from Upstate NY and although the process was done MOSTLY via distance, Scotty was our boots on the ground. Hard to imagine working with a better guy! Highly recommended.

Diana Di Avila


I own an insurance agency, and I deal with Scotty on a regular basis. It's very apparent from my perspective that he goes above and beyond for his clients. Few realtors go out of their way to help their clients navigate the stressful process of purchasing a home like Scotty does.

Brian Lough


Mr. Ledford has been in the Real Estate industry for several year and knows the ins and outs of the differant aspects of the business. Plus he cares about the wishes of his clients. Scott has always worked dilgently to find the best deal possible. He will walk you through the whole process.

Glenna Hemphill


I am also a real estate professional and I've referred a couple of clients to Scotty. He was professional, reliable and proficient. And most important, the clients he helped LOVE him. He always kept me informed about what was going on with the transaction. Scotty is a pleasure to work with as well as a consummate professional.

Kirsten Branham


Scott was the selling agent on a property the buyers i was working with purchased. Scott's communication was excellent throughout the entire transaction. With over 3000 licensed Real Estate agents in Sarasota it always great to work with someone that goes above and beyond. It was a pleasure to work with Scott, I look forward to working with him in the future.

Ellen Laura Esses


I have worked with Scotty on many occasions to help his buyers obtain financing for their home purchase. Scotty is a pleasure to work with because I know I can count on a true professional. Both his work ethic and his knowledge of his industry make for smooth transactions for Scotty's home buyers and sellers. When I get a call from Scotty I know its going to be a good experience!

Peter Lyddy


We were looking for a home and came across one with Scotty's name on the for sale sign, so we thought we would just use the listing agent, and it ended up being one of our best decisions we have made. He was so informative, he had all of our questions answered before we even asked. Very professional, yet caring like we were part of his family. He worked very hard on our behalf. Thank you Scotty!

Mary Zimmerman


We used Scotty to help locate a home for our move to Sarasota from California. His professionalism and knowledge of the market was impressive. Once we found the right home, he guided the process from contract to closing. He listened to what we were looking for in a home, and didn't waste our time looking at properties which didn't meet our criteria. We would strongly recommend Scotty for folks looking for a home in Sarasota.

Donald Russell


Scott has helped me with both the selling and the buying processes and everything was handled with excellence. He cares, and it shows. He is "the best"!

Chris Anderson


As out of state buyers from Michigan making a home purchase in Florida, we were somewhat unprepared for the differences involved in the buying process.. As such, we are SO thankful our search for a second home in Sarasota led us to Scotty Ledford! The home buying process could feel very daunting if you are not working with someone you trust. Not to mention that as real estate moves a lot faster than what you might be used to, you can lose your dream property to another buyer if you’re not working with someone who is astute and experienced! Scotty is all of that as well as knowledgeable and attentive and due to his network of contacts, he guides the process smoothly, keeping everything on task, communicating extremely effectively each step of the way so that the buyer can proceed relaxed and confident.

All of his contacts including home inspectors, legal services, financial services, contractors, etc., are top notch and every bit as friendly, professional and dependable as Scotty. Also, as Scotty is working with many clients, you will never know it because you will ALWAYS feel like his number one priority. Scotty is considerate, conscientious and polite. We all know how refreshing that is these days! Also, as Sarasota will eventually be our primary residence, we already feel like we didn’t just purchase a second home, we’ve invested in happiness and comfort for our future years, as well as being left with a sense of belonging, in beautiful Sarasota! Yes, one realtor can do all of that and his name is Scotty Ledford. Take this opportunity to work with him and enjoy the experience. Thank you Scotty for possibly the best sales experience we’ve ever had.

Trina and Scott Fisher


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Scotty Ledford, P.A.

 Scotty has been a licensed Florida REALTOR since 2005. He has sold over 300 homes and specializes in Sarasota & Manatee counties consistently outproducing his competition with production in the top 2% of REALTOR's in Sarasota/Manatee. Scotty's focus is to be completely honest, provide valuable knowledge and be resourceful to his buyers and sellers.