3 Common Florida Luxury Home Selling Challenges, and How to Avoid Them

by Scotty Ledford, P.A. 02/07/2019

Selling a luxury home in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville or any other Florida city or town should be a seamless experience. Yet many home selling challenges can crop up that make it tough for Sunshine State luxury home sellers to accomplish their goals.

Now, let's take a look at three common Florida luxury home selling challenges, as well as ways to address these issues.

1. Establishing a Competitive Price for Your Luxury House

The Florida luxury housing market fluctuates based on the number of properties available, the national economy and other factors. Plus, the demand for luxury houses in certain Florida cities and towns may vary over time.

For example, if there is an abundance of luxury houses available in Orlando, homebuyers can shop around for their dream residence in the city. Meanwhile, Orlando luxury home sellers are competing with one another to generate interest from buyers. And to differentiate an Orlando luxury home from the competition, a home seller may need to lower his or her initial asking price.

When it comes to pricing your Florida luxury house, you should examine local real estate market data. This information can help you understand whether you are operating in a buyer's or seller's market.

Furthermore, you may want to conduct a house appraisal. During an appraisal, a property expert will perform an in-depth home assessment. You then can receive a property valuation to help you set a competitive initial asking price for your Sunshine State luxury house.

2. Upgrading Your Luxury House

If a Florida luxury home has a messy front lawn, cracked or chipped siding or other exterior flaws, it is unlikely to generate interest from buyers. Thus, you should allocate time and resources to enhance your Sunshine State luxury home's curb appeal.

Mowing the front lawn, trimming the hedges and performing assorted Florida luxury home exterior updates is ideal. If you need additional help with these tasks, you can always hire professional contractors as well.

Don't forget to eliminate clutter from inside your Florida luxury home too. That way, you can make it easy for buyers to envision what life may be like if they purchase your residence.

3. Promoting Your Luxury House to Buyers

Spreading the word about your Florida luxury home may prove to a long, exhausting process. Fortunately, real estate agents are available who can promote your Sunshine State luxury residence to the right groups of buyers.

A real estate agent understands what it takes to sell a luxury house in any Florida city or town. For instance, if you want to sell a luxury house in South Beach, a real estate agent may use a house listing to highlight the fact that your residence provides convenient access to all that Miami has to offer. On the other hand, if your goal is to maximize your Lake Worth luxury home sale earnings, a real estate agent will do everything possible to ensure you can profit from your house sale.

Overcome Florida luxury home selling challenges – work with a real estate agent, and you can streamline the Florida luxury house selling journey.

About the Author

Scotty Ledford, P.A.

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After purchasing a condo on the West Coast of Florida in 2001, Scotty hired a property manager and put it in the monthly rental program. If the condo didn't rent on a given month, he would come down from Maryland and stay at the condo for a couple of weeks at a time. Well, it didn't take long for Scotty to dislike having to go home at the end of his stay. It was apparent that Florida was going to become his new full time home and he moved to Sarasota in January of 2003.

Having always been in the real estate industry, Scotty obtained his Florida Real Estate License in 2004. Shortly after that, he sold his Homes & Land franchises in Maryland. Scotty held his license with a couple of large national brokers initially but decided that a local firm was a wiser idea. Recently Scotty became affiliated with Fine Properties saying "No other broker can give me the tools needed to succeed in representing my clients and their interests better than Fine Properties."

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